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Your Benefits

User-oriented handling - easy calculation of even complex topologies

  • Practice-oriented user interface: KPRO® provides all you need in one view - input data, heat flow diagram and toolbox
  • Fast modeling via drag & drop
  • Intelligent user guidance: check routines support you in setting up your topology
  • No iteration control 
  • Partial topologies can be saved and imported to other topologies
  • Configurable result check (min/max values)
  • Configurable interface with Excel


Total flexibility - map YOUR heat flow diagram

  • Unlimited modeling possibilities for topologies and requirements 
  • KPRO® operates with a closed-loop calculation method: maximum precision with minimum entry of target values (without iteration control, the tried and tested calculation kernel solves the non-linear equation system numerically) 
  • Definition of user-defined key figures and visualization in the heat flow diagram
  • Individual design of the heat flow diagram via a symbol editor, auxiliary lines and texts
  • User-defined material value libraries
  • Simple processing of results for CO2 balances and profitability analyses as well as comfortable export options to Excel


Solid engineer expertise - benefit from 30 years of accumulated know-how

  • Developed on the basis of the actual working world
  • A "mature" product: The KPRO® algorithms have been tried and tested for over 30 years in the real world  
  • KPRO® meets all requirements of the disciplines of the Fichtner Group and is applied by the engineers themselves in their daily work (more than 3,000 topologies in-house) 
  • Combining innovations with tried and tested technology - a proven calculation kernel with a state-of-the-art software
  • Upward compatible (KRPO® 4.6 to KPRO® 5.0)
  • Additional services: In combination with KPRO®, Fichtner also provides additional planning services
  • Support and training is provided by experienced specialists (both power plant technology and software)