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  • Fast modeling of topologies backed up by check routines
  • Easy modeling via a closed calculation method
  • Intuitive user interface combined with a high degree of interactivity 
  • Individual design of the heat flow diagram with texts and auxiliary lines
  • Definition of individual, beyond standard symbols via an integrated symbol editor
  • Apart from the water steam panel (IF 97-formulation) routines for the calculation of properties of real gases are stored. User-defined physical property libraries (e.g. for thermal oil) are feasible
  • Partial topologies can be saved and imported into other topologies
  • Easy visualization of QT diagrams
  • Modeling of range-type power systems (industry)
  • KPRO® 4.6 topologies can be imported
  • Multi-language ability (German, English, Russian)
  • Single or multi-user solutions using relational databases
  • Multi-user ability for a team-oriented processing
  • Modular licenses, tailored to your needs
  • Also available as calculation-only model with individual data interface

We develop solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers!